Thermal image of house

Thermal FLIR Roof Inspection

The Inspection of the roof went ahead as planned. Thermal and 4k images were taken of the house. Flying at two metres away and zooming in has produced some good quality images

The thermal image is of the rear elevation showing what looks like to be an alarming amount of heat escaping from the windows and roof.
At around 11.30 this morning the air temperature was 9•c and the reading from the roof was 7•c. Where the mortar had come away from underneath the roof tile the heat signature was reading 9•c

while there is a possibility of further damage being caused by birds and other small creatures, the heat loss does not appear to be a problem at the moment.

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  1. Stuart,
    A great way to investigate heat loss using your Drone. Great footage and much safer than using ladders too!

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