Operations update

After talking to a number of people it has been agreed that trying to get permission from the CAA for rescue operations at this stage is not going to be an impossible task but will take a significant amount of time. Applying for permission to fly commercially within safer zones might be less problematic. Then when the operations manual is up to scratch and approved I will be in a position to book a flight test in order to complete the application.

Eventually following a period of consolidation and due course an application for a more technical permission later down the line may be less painful. I have however got a telephone call with a senior rescue advisor over the weekend. Things could change again depending on his recommendations.

Ready for take off

News… Bank Holiday Monday 31st August.

The meeting was very interesting and as expected the operations manual is going to be reasonably basic but hopefully not to restrictive allowing assistance in SAR operations when requested by the emergency services.

Practice has begun for the Coptrz flight test which is going to take place weather permitting in Leeds at the end of September. Fingers crossed for fine weather, it’s a good 5 hour trip from home in East Devon with no hold ups.

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