Flyability, Elios 2

Huge time and cost savings can be made while keeping staff out of harms way. This drone is capable of flying around inside in the dark. The Elios 2 is ideal for anyone that has a pipeline, cooling tower or nuclear reactor type of indoor inspection requirement.

There is a recommended system to follow when carrying out this type of inspection. Firstly the job need to be looked at and then clearly defined. A number of factors including an agreement on the mission and the deliverables need to be established at this early stage.

The work needs to be carefully managed ensuring all risk assessments and pre planning has been completed prior to the day of the flight. On the day all assessments would be reviewed and any changes recorded.

Some Applications include: Oil and Gas, Power and Utilities, Chemical,Mining and search and rescue.

The cost is absorbed by not having to make the environment humanly accessible during long periods of shut down.