Flight test, No-Go!

After watching the long range weather forecasts change so much on a daily basis it came as no surprise to be calling a no-go on the day of the flight test.

I met the examiner from Coptrz in the carpark and we got straight into the assessment. The wind was blowing around the carpark and it was probably going to be less than ideal on the top of the hill.

An initial wind speed test was taken and showed the gusts being just a smidgen over the safe limit. I made a decision to continue setting up keeping an eye on the wind meter hoping things would calm down to a safe level. During setting up the takeoff and landing area the wind took hold of the landing mat giving some idea of the strength of the gusts.

When the cones around the take off and landing area started to blow over I took another look at the wind speed. It was at this point the decision was made to cancel the flight and call a no-go.

The test was cancelled due to the bad weather and with some guidance from the examiner a second test date was booked.

The details of the new test location nearer to home in Exeter were received and the pre site planning has begun.