Enterprise 2 Dual colour palette and temperature setting adjustments

Here I’m looking at how to get the best out of the thermal sensor. I had overalls laying on the ground in daylight on a cold day. The air temperature at 11 am was -2 the place was frozen solid

Using DJI pilot on an android phone, flying at an altitude of around 10-15 metres. The temperature maximum and minimum setting were initially set to -4 and +37 centigrade.

During the flight I scrolled through the different colour palettes then adjusted the temperature setting. The colour palette settings are a tap on the screen to select the various options.

The temperature setting is on a slider and a little bit tricky to get right. As you can see in the first image the subject very quickly disappears.

Dji Pilot Thermography showing two people at a distance of 100 metres.

I will be posting more short videos showing the different colour palettes in more detail.

I learned from this that it is essential to have a basic understand of how the imager works. I found black and white to be the best colour palette option to locate a person. Testing and adjusting the temperature setting prior to commencing the search may take up time but without doing it the lost person may easily be missed.