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Mavic downward lights
The Mavic Enterprise 2 Dual from DJI

Civil Aviation Authority, Permission to fly Commercially (CAA, PfCO) Providing a professional, fully insured and risk assessed commercial drone pilot and observer service, full or half day hire, based in East Devon covering the whole of Great Britain.

Mission statement: Starting as a sole trader growing the business into a limited company providing a value for money down to earth friendly service. Building a UK wide team of volunteer Flood, Search and Rescue remote pilots, trained to a standardised safe level to efficiently assist the emergency services.

Aim: In order to fund the volunteer work the intention is to safely capture high quality aerial data using some of the rapidly improving drone technologies on the market.
Any job, Thermal, Visible, MSX, large or small. All work considered; Drone Inspections, Roofs, Estate agent property photography, Agriculture, TV and Film.

Equipment: DPGB are currently using Parrot Anafi and DJI Enterprise Dual drones with thermal capabilities to record data for various exiting projects, including research into Flood Search and Rescue pilot training.

Mavic Enterprise 2 Dual
DJI Mavic Enterprise Dual
4K sensor and Thermal sensor side by side

Dji Inspire, Matrice and other higher spec enterprise drones are also available to hire along with fully insured pilots and observers.

Observer Service: The technology in the aircraft and the software is advancing rapidly improving safety by automating more functions, allowing the pilot to concentrate on hazard identification and collision avoidance. The assistance of a knowledgable observer is highly recommended to assist the pilot with dealing with the many expected and un unexpected dangers associated with the equipment and the environment.

Pre Site Planning: A significant amount of safety information must be gathered before the data collection can take place. The majority of these safety checks can be completed remotely. A site visit prior to the flight day is recommended in order to; agree on the mission, discuss deliverables, review risk assessments and record updates.

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