Discounted rates for 3D mapping

Drone Pilot

I live in Newton Pop and have qualified as a drone pilot with the Civil Aviation Authority. Providing inspections at heights of up to 400 feet above the surface, safely from the ground. Roof inspections double glazing or solar panels for example. Thermal imagery of roof solar panels can tell you if there are any broken or inefficient cells.

Please keep my details for anything that might come up in the future. Know someone that might be interested? please feel free to share.

 Introductory offer

I am looking for a couple of local jobs for my business in Devon where I can use some automated flight planning software. Im offering this at a discounted price to build reviews for this service.

Normal day rate: £250 – £500

Discounted day rate: £140 +VAT

Half day rate: £:84 +VAT

Insurance: Limit of Indemnity: Public Liability £1,000,000 Territorial Limits: Worldwide including USA and Canada

Risk Assessments: All work is risk assessed prior to a site visit. Risk review, update and record carried out on the day of flight. 

Type of things Im looking to do:

Good old fashioned stills or videography taken from the air.


Tower mapping,Circle around a tower or lighthouse and capture precise data for inspection and/or3D model for towers.
Mapping,Can be used for site surveys & map making – farms, construction sites, quarries, etc 
Double Mapping,Can be used for 3D models of the above.
Inspection,Inspecting roofs or solar farms. 
Wind Turbine Inspections,High precision dedicated wind turbine mission.
Vertical Inspection,Inspecting facades, cliffs and any other vertical structure with rigid shape.
Linear Inspection,Inspecting a pipeline or railway line or bridge.
Search,Generate a situation specific search pattern. more. (takes you to our website).

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Stuart Abbott | PfCO | Commercial Drone Pilot | South West |EX10 0BQ  07807395913  

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