Coptrz Flight Assessment

The weather was about to change and time was running out for the lightweight Mavic Mini. I was met at the gate of an HGV manoeuvring area by the Coptrs assessor Adam. There was a small herd of cattle in the field, well away from us down by the hay barn happily chewing the cud and I was assured they would stay there. I set up the area and chatted with Adam for a while answering some theory knowledge questions. It didn’t take long for the beautiful beasts to move in from the East. By the time I had completed all the safety checks the cattle had wondered right up to the planned flight area and refused to moooove out of the way.

In a new area I took a couple of relaxing breaths to calm myself and the actual flight manoeuvre assessment was under way. The flight manoeuvres were carried out smoothly and accurately following clear instructions from Adam. There were no unexpected manoeuvres to do and he made the whole experience enjoyable. We started with a top hat then did the 45• assent and decent. Next was the figure of eight before activating the RTH function.

Adam said ” well done thats a pass, it was a good smooth flight with no problems”. I noted the flight time and while being mindful of the post flight checks packed all of my kit away. We chatted about the operations manual and what happens next with the CAA application.

The time has come to go shopping for a better drone to take to work. With a little guidance from Adam I have made a decision. The Mavic Enterprise Duel is an affordable option and would also be useful for SAR volunteer operations. It might not have the best imager in the world but flying under 100ft with the correct settings the quality will be plenty good enough for now. If better zoom and resolution is required I can hire the kit with the right specifications from the helpful team at