Testing Remote Pilot Skills with Targets

UAS Skills Test

SAR research progresses leaps and bounds we now have our test course set to NFPA 2400 Standards and the ASTM F38 Standard for Remote Pilot Endorsement (ASTM is the “ISO” that develops and publishes voluntary consensus technical standards). It is important to evaluate Job Performance and capabilities for remote UAS/Drone pilots. This being particularly vital for those involved in first responder and search and rescue organisations.

Remote Pilot Skill Test

At DronePilotGB we’ve adopted these Tests which pilots from Drone responder units can undertake under our independent supervision to demonstrate their capabilities and help in the development of their pilot skills. Pilots undertaking these tests of ‘Basic Manoeuvring’ and ‘Payload Functionality’ will be scored on their Qualitative Task Performance Levels (their capacity to complete these tests). The scores in defined grades of: Proficient, Competent, Partially Proficient or Limited. The Tests can be tailored to particular aspects of a responder service or agency.

This will allow the scores to indicate satisfactory completion or where further pilot personal development may be required.

Slow speed manoeuvring skill test for the remote pilot.

Objectives: To measure UAS remote pilot competence.

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