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Drone Services

If you need filming services, inspection or other drone services on or off water then DPGB can assist.

  • SUA Pre-Flight-Checks
  • RGB and FLIR Thermal camera
  • Mavic Enterprise Dual in Flight
  • Cobbs Quay drone photography
  • Image of pontoons in poole harbour from a Drone
  • Search and Rescue with Drones
  • Having fun on a Wave Jam electric Jet board

For example, the property market is highly competitive and constantly shifting in line with the trends we’ve seen spread across conventional retail. Among those is a steady move to making  decisions based on online imagery and property data. This trend is set to continue as digital property marketplaces increase in popularity and broaden the horizons of prospective buyers – especially the high-end properties like those locally in Sandbanks, Poole.

As a result, the challenges facing estate agents have grown considerably. Listings no longer just need to stand out against the local competition. They need to catch the eye in a crowd of listings, across marketplaces that put virtually the whole nation’s property market at buyers’ fingertips.

One way to do that is to augment your listings with aerial photos and videos. These scenic shots add a sense of professionalism and provide an effective overview in a single snapshot. Buyers may well be initially drawn by the novelty of being able to view that property from several unique perspectives, but they will quickly appreciate the depth and detail aerial media provides. While floor plans and internal photos are a necessary part of any property listing, they can’t tell the whole story, without drone imagery they don’t paint a dynamic picture of what it would be like to live or operate a business in a certain location.

Many properties, such as those with unique architecture, especially an outstanding seaside location, or some other special feature, are best captured from above or from a unique waterborne perspective.

During this Pandemic property markets around the world have slowed as a result of COVID-19. The pandemic has led to enforced social distancing measures, stalled economies worldwide and an inevitable slowdown in the rate of property sales. Looking to the future, it’s probable that the post COVID-19 era will rely more heavily on listings with greater depth that are supported by e.g. virtual tours and drone images. 

The established norms of open houses and prospective buyers viewing one home after another have changed forever. Enhanced property listings with aerial images and videos are about being future-proof and pragmatic.

More than ever, properties need to stand out and provide prospective buyers with a safe and direct visual way to view what a property could offer them.

Let DPGB carry out your professional flight plans and risk assessments, ensuring your aerial imagery requirements are met, and uniquely tailored to your precise requirements. Whether on the water or land all our services are carried out by qualified professionals and in line with the latest UK CAA Safety Regulations governing Drone use.